Short Christmas Poems

Short Funny and Religious Christmas Poems for Children

Birth of Jesus
Short Poem

Man pauses but a moment
to honor a birth.
Yet, were he to stay longer,
were he to look deeper,
He could see Creation.

The birth would still be there,
An archetypal pattern
for the millions
who are always moving forward
On a transcendental journey of themselves.

First Light
By Stephen Leake

Away from the house, the star is reluctant.
Pushed from its window of sky.
It stalls at the morning’s shelf, letting
Fabled light open history. Again.

Tardily, it drops its gifts.
-Modest opulence brimming with season-
Its warmth, a glass spirit held in the hand.

And, as the day is made special with prayer
It will fall. Fall back to its dream. There
It will sing. Unwrapping the day
With its presence.

Christmas is here

A good time is coming, I wish it were here,
The very best time in the whole of the year;
I'm counting each day on my fingers and thumbs --
the weeks that must pass before Santa Claus comes.

Then when the first snowflakes begin to come down,
And the wind whistles sharp and the branches are brown,
I'll not mind the cold, though my fingers it numbs,
For it brings the time nearer when Santa Claus comes.

If You Kill Me On Christmas
Short verse by Trade Martin
If You Kill Me On Christmas…..,
My family won’t very be happy……,
If You Kill Me On Christmas……,
You’ll hurt my mommy and pappy…..,
I know you have lots of reasons…..,
But I told you I’m truly sorry…..,
So I hope you’ll change your mind…..,
Promise and tell me…..,
That you’ll wait till after Christmas…..,
To kill me…..! ! !

Maybe We Need Another Miracle
Short Poems by Nicholas Gordon

Maybe we need another miracle.
Each epoch ought to have one of its own,
Reducing skeptics to a single groan,
Renewing faith with evidence empirical.
Yes, we need fresh testimony lyrical,
Changing hearts that else would change to stone,
Healing those who, hearing, would atone,
Replacing reason with a canticle.
If only God would visit us again,
Showing us for sure His patient love,
Taking on our sins a second time!
Maybe we could be quite certain then,
Ablaze with what our faith would outright prove,
So for ourselves to witness the sublime.
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