Religious Christmas Poems

Short Religious Christmas Poems for Children

Miracles Have a Way of Making News
Religious poem by Nicholas Gordon

Miracles have a way of making news.
Even skeptics stare at parted seas.
Religious or not--Christians, Muslims, Jews--
Resurrection brings them to their knees!
Years ago, miracles were in vogue:
Christ and Moses wowed the willing crowds;
Holy icons healed both saint and rogue;
Rare wonders were ascribed to cups and shrouds.
In our time miracles are everyday,
So few can hope to grab us, or astound.
The mysteries that clutter up our way
May seem much more perplexing than profound.
And yet life is miraculous: to be
Surpasses any wonder we might see.

Religious poem Sana Naqvi

The night was so bright
And the stars so alive
An angel was sent to tell
That Jesus has arrived.

God's Christmas List

By Anne R. C. Neale

If God made out a Christmas list
What do you think it would be?
Of Course LOVE would be number one
Love for everyone is His priority,

PEACE on earth for all mankind
I think would be number two,
For all mankind to do.

With FAITH, and HOPE and TRUST
He wants us all To BELIEVE in Him too
All of these things on his list are just.

If God made out a Christmas list
What do you think He would write?
God is Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omnipresent,
His list would be a wonderful sight.


By Anne R. C. Neale

Happy Birthday Jesus,
This is the day of your birth,
You changed the world by being born,
Your life here has much worth,

We have some gifts to give you
Of Love ,Respect, and Trust,
We know we will meet you one day
When you will call for us.

Happy Birthday Jesus,
We celebrate your birthday today,
We're glad that you were born you know
And we'll talk to you when we pray.

Cold Comfort in the Chastity of Sorrow

Religious Christian poem by Nicholas Gordon

Cold comfort in the chastity of sorrow,
Having turned in pain towards innocence,
Reaching through the madness for the marrow,
Intent, for once, on yielding all pretence;
Sensing the necessity of love
Though feeling none but hunger well within,
Meaning nothing more than one might prove
As one finds little proof in death and sin:
So it was one night in Bethlehem.
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