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Here's A Little Candle
(I'm a Little Teapot)

Here's a little candle dressed in white,
Wearing a hat of yellow light,
When the night is dark, then you will see,
Just how bright this light can be.

The Christmas Gift

Kids poem

Born this night a world of sin,
The rince of Peace the Redeemer of Men.
This child of God, that was sent from on High.
To be born of Mary to suffer and die!

Rejested by men from the day of His birth;
To suffer and die on Calvary's tree.
For the sins of the world to set me free.
From Bethlehem to Golgotha, he never complained
Laughed at! Spit on! Mocked in shame!

He was born of a women, but He knew no sin,
This babe in the Manger the Saviour of Men!

Poems for Kids
Poem for kids By Oren Arnold

Christmas gift suggestions:
To your enemy, forgiveness.
To an opponent, tolerance.
To a friend, your heart.
To a customer, service.
To all, charity.
To every child, a good example.
To yourself, respect.

To a Child
For kids By Robert Herrick.

Go, pretty child, and bear this flower
Unto thy little Saviour,
And tell Him, by that bud now blown,
He is the Rose of Sharon known.
When thou hast said so, stick it there
Upon His bib or stomacher;
And tell Him, for good handsel too,
That thou hast brought a whistle new,
made of a clean straight oaten reed,
To charm His cries at time of need.
Tell Him, for coral thou hast none,
But, if thou hadst, He should have one;
But poor thou art, and known to be
Even as moneyless as He.
Lastly, if thou canst win a kiss
From those mellifluous lips of His,
Then never take a second on,
To spoil the first impression.


When near to her at Bethlehem
I knelt at Christmastide,
"There is no pillow for thy Son,
No pillow, Lady, for thy Son,"
I said to her, and sighed.

But when I softly turned away
Ant tiptoed from His bed,
The Lady Mary smiled at me,
The Lady Mary smiled to see
(I'd tucked it in so carefully)
My heart beneath His head.

Christmas 2000

Hustle and bustle and hurry and run
looking for gifts that bring so much fun.
A visit to Santa we also must make
because of our children for all of our sakes.

The food preparations must get underway
like cookies and candies for our special day.
Gifts must be wrapped and bows must be ties
and trees must be trimmed and lights hung outside.

Cards must be bought and then must be signed
And addresses and mailed to reach friends on time.
The kids must be bathed and tucked into bed
where they will wait to hear Santa's sled.

But when morning comes midst all the squeals,
faces depicting what our children feel;
it makes all the hustle and hurry and run
so very worthwhile for these little ones.

Now let's remember the child in our lives
given to us when God's son arrived
to teach is to love each other and then
to die on the cross to save us from sin.

Hanumas Is Something Strange Indeed

By Nicholas Gordon

Hanumas is something strange indeed:
A Hanukkah and Christmas in one night!
Now mixed families must combine the two,
Uniting loved ones just as God would do,
Making separate flames a single light.
All who love by love are thenceforth freed
Simply in all love to find delight.

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