Christmas Love Poems

Love Poems for Christmas

Someday, Perhaps
Xmas love poem

It begins long before the first frost -

Somewhere between memory and reality.

It touches us with compassion

and whispers to us of hope.

It tiptoes into our hearts with elation

and opens our souls to faith.

Its name is Christmas and we have yet to learn

How to keep it close for more than

this one brief, shining moment.

Someday, perhaps...with love.

Calendars May Mark the Tides of Love
By By William Byrd

Calendars may mark the tides of love;
However, please recall that love's the sea.
Rest easy, then, in Christmas' sweet madness,
Illumined by the pregnant star of gladness,
Serene within the depths of you and me.
There is no pain no happiness can move,
Making room for cherished company,
Antidote for life's incumbent sadness
So long as will and wisdom puissant prove.

The Christmas Love

The Christmas must be here
I see people everywhere
going nuts, acting so funny
looking at all the shiny
pages of Holiday sale
that comes in the mail

I also thought, what shall I buy
from others what shall I get
how about a Japanese robot pet
just anything it's all the same
may be a bigger flat TV, music cds
or some dumber newer video game

Ya ya, every year I hear
the salvation army bells
Even the richest man tells
when the millions he bless
to help the poor, the homeless
to give a roof, a bowl of soup

Sorry pal I've got no change
It may sound strange, but
you see I charge it all to visa
Lying with a straight face
quickly walked out of the mall
drove to St.Paul, with my Lisa

Later that night, I felt bad
I the truth hit me, I was sad
Why must I buy, why must I spend
for the birthday of a good friend
who came with nothing, from above
asked for nothing, gave nothing,
but love...

May you feel such love as lights the morning
Love poem by Nicholas Gordon

May you feel such love as lights the morning
Even at this darkest time of year:
Rippling through your heart with little warning,
Returning you to wonder and to fear.
You cannot will yourself to feel such love;
Christmas is a gift of unsought grace.
However much you may your spirit move,
Redemption chooses whom it will embrace.
In you may there be radiance and beauty
Such that you might never hope to see,
Taking as its home some common duty
Made lovely by a will sustained and free.
As you become a vessel for this light,
So may you know its pain and its delight.


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